Bob Costas

Why the Over-The-Top PC Reaction to Al Michaels’ Harvey Weinstein Joke Matters

Bob Costas Suggests NFL Players Kneel After Last Note of Anthem: ‘Would Be a Powerful Statement’

Bob Costas: ‘I Hope Others Follow Kaepernick’s Lead’ and Give Back to the Community

WATCH: Bob Costas’s Introduction of Nelly at the Winter Classic Was Just So, So Awkward

Cringeworthy: Rodney Harrison Calls Out Bob Costas’ Fake Teeth Live on Air

A Tweet Mocking Twitter Outrage Was Used on TV as Example of Twitter Outrage

Bob Costas: Decision to Give Caitlyn Jenner ESPY Award a ‘Crass Exploitation Play’

Bob Costas to Maher: Liberals Should Be Calling Out PC ‘Bullsh*t’

Bob Costas: We Need to Quit the ‘Politically Correct BS’ About Sterling

Bob Costas: Media Can Play Part in Convincing Sterling He Must Sell Team

Bob Costas Defends His ‘Gun Culture’ Comments to Seth Meyers

On Six-Month Anniversary, Fox’s MediaBuzz Nearly Doubles CNN’s Reliable Sources in Demo

NBC Refutes Claim that Costas’ Olympic Eye Infection Was the Result of…

Bob Costas to O’Reilly: NBC Was Repeatedly Critical of Putin, ‘He’s An Adversary, Period’

Costas Calls Out ‘Hostile’ Russian Policy During Primetime Olympic Coverage

Bob Costas Planning Return to Olympics Coverage Monday Night

O’Reilly, Goldberg Defend Bob Costas from Conservative Critics over NBC Putin Coverage

Bob Costas Speaks Out on Olympics Absence, Eye Recovery: ‘Hoping That I’m Back by the Weekend’

Bob Costas’ Commitment to Craft Should Be Commended

Conservatives Unfairly Attacking NBC’s Olympics Commentary

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