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Jerry Jones Makes Bizarre Comment About ‘A Black Girl’ (WATCH)

‘We Recommend Clinton’: Dallas Morning News Issues First Democratic Endorsement Since WWII

‘Trump Does Not Deserve Your Vote:’ Dallas Morning News Issues Scathing GOP Takedown

Leslie Brenner on Restaurant Criticism (and John Tesar): ‘I Don’t Work for Chefs, I Work for Readers’

Every Rage Tweet John Tesar Fired Off in Response to Leslie Brenner’s 3-Star Review

Christopher: RedState’s Erick Erickson Smears Wendy Davis with Bogus ‘Restraining Order’ Story

Comfortably Dumb: George W. Bush Tells Paper He’s ‘Comfortable With What I Did’

Chris Matthews ‘Smells Birtherism About’ Rick Perry: He’s ‘Michele Bachmann With Better Hair’

GQ Reveals Local ESPN Sites To Be Scrappy, Shoestring Operations

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