Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Hannity Ups Feud With CNN’s Stelter: ‘Little Pipsqueak’ Who Likes to ‘Kiss Hillary Clinton’s Ass’

Watch the Fox & Friends Tribute to Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Her Final Day

Hasselbeck Explains Decision to Leave Fox & Friends: My ‘Kids Need the Best of Me’

Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Step Down as Co-Host of Fox & Friends

Fox’s Hasselback Battles Earnest Over Obama Paris Remarks: ‘His Words Matter, Josh!’

Fox & Friends: Chuck Todd’s Muslim Question Was ‘Ultimate Gotcha’ Question

Whoopi Defends Elisabeth Hasselbeck from Accusations of Racism

Hasselbeck: Could Sandra Bland Have Attacked Cop with Her Cigarette?

Fox’s Hasselbeck Challenges Preacher for Flying Christian Flag Above American One

Fox & Friends: How Dare Obama Use ‘N-Word’ During Conversation on Racism?

Fox News Refusals to Call Charleston a Racial Attack Makes Wilmore’s ‘F*cking Head Explode’

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: McKinney Chief ‘Threw Officer Under the Bus’

Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow Feels ‘Bullied’ by Transgender People

Fox’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck Did Not Like SNL’s ‘Insensitive’ ISIS Sketch

Fox & Friends Brings Out Ex-Marine to Answer: Was American Sniper ‘Snubbed’?

Donald Trump on Oscars: ‘Great Night for Mexico’ — ‘As Usual’ in ‘This Country’

Fox & Friends Think They’ve Found Definitive Proof Jihadis ‘Don’t Want to Work’

Fox’s Hasselbeck Goes off on Writer for American Sniper Tweets: ‘How Dare He’

Fox’s Hasselbeck Uses Sydney Siege to Defend CIA Torture Program

Christian Bale Says Moses Was ‘Terrorist,’ ‘Freedom Fighter’; Fox & Friends Reacts

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