Ilan Hall

The Best Thing We Ate This Week (so far): The Latke Festival

Top Chef: Where Are They Now? Ilan Hall

WATCH: Knife Fight Season 2 Gets Premiere Date

Tonight in Food TV: Knife Fight Sets Multiple Fires in Ilan Hall’s Kitchen

Tonight in Food TV: Knife Fight’s Semi-Legal Foods Battles, Featuring Haggis and Foie Gras

Last Call: Heart Attack Grill Owner Admits His Food ‘Will Kill You’ (No Duh)

Ilan Hall is Coming to Williamsburg to Assert His Mighty Hipster Glasses

OMFG: Watch Knife Fight Competitors Slaughter Live Catfish (GRAPHIC)

WATCH: Ilan Hall Stages Pretend Knife Fight Between Al Roker and a Former Spice Girl

Tonight in Food TV: Ilan Hall’s Knife Fight Finally Premieres, For Real!

INTERVIEW: Ilan Hall on How a Goofy, Late-Night Game Turned into A TV Show

Last Call: Ilan Hall’s Knife Fight Finally Gets A Premiere Date

Ilan Hall’s Knife Fight Delayed Until Summer

WATCH: Ilan Hall’s Knife Fight Looks Like An Illicit Underground Boxing Match

Ilan Hall Gets Esquire TV Series Called Knife Fight

Epic Meal Time Spinoff To Feature Obscenely Gluttonous Food, Celebrity Chefs

Time Machine Chefs: A Cockatrice Of Entertainment For Nerds

Tonight In Food TV: Both Time Machine Chefs And Extreme Chef Premiere

WATCH: New ‘Time Machine Chefs’ Preview Shows Chris Cosentino Making Out With A Raw Duck

WATCH: The Time Machine Chefs Preview Is Ridiculous And Awesome

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