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Howard Schultz Adviser Bill Burton: If He Runs, It Would Be ‘A More Serious Effort’ Than Jill Stein’s

Jill Stein Responds After Bill Clinton Says She Was ‘The Preferred Alternative of the Russians’

Jill Stein Downplays Russian Meddling: Media and DNC Interfered in 2016 Election Too

Jill Stein: ‘Clinton Democrats’ Dragged Me Into Russia Probe as ‘Punishment’ For 2016 Run

Tucker Carlson Hits Media Over Mueller: Journalists Shouldn’t Be ‘Cheerleaders For Prosecutions’

Senate Investigators Reportedly Looking at Jill Stein as Part of Russia Probe

Jill Stein Slams ‘Demonization of North Korea’ in Bizarre MSNBC Interview

Jill Stein: I Attended RT Dinner With Putin to Convince Russia Not to Wage War on Middle East

CNN’s Smerconish to Jill Stein: Did Putin Elevate You to Hurt Hillary?

‘Go F*ck Yourselves’: Bill Maher Goes Off on ‘Liberal Purists’ Who Didn’t Vote for Clinton

Green Party Presidential Candidate Slams Syria Strike, Citing Martin Luther King

Twitter Reacts to Jill Stein’s Nonsensical Tweet Blaming Democrats for DeVos Confirmation

The Incredible, Spineless Hillary Clinton

Daily Beast Piece Argues State Department Should Declare Election Results ‘A Hoax’

Cavuto Confronts Stein Over Recount: You ‘Pick and Choose’ Which States to Sow Doubts In

Jill Stein Accuses Michigan of Engaging in ‘Jim Crow’ for Ruling Against Recount Effort

CNN’s Burnett Presses Jill Stein on Recount: Are You ‘Hurting Confidence in the System’?

‘There’s Not a Chance in the World’: Chris Wallace Battles Jill Stein Over Recount Changing Results

‘I’d Say to Her Give it Up’: Kellyanne Conway Responds to Jill Stein’s Recount Efforts

‘You’d Have to Ask Them’: Stein Says She Doesn’t Know When Clinton Got Involved in Recount

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