Covington Catholic Student Sues CNN for $275 Million

Team of Vipers Author Cliff Sims Sues Trump for Trying to Silence Him Over Book

Roy Moore Suing for $95 Million After Being Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen into Fake Pedophile Detector Scan

Brian Stelter and CNN Lawyer Ted Boutrous Discuss Acosta Ruling: Despite Trump,’The System Worked’

First Amendment Lawyer Floyd Abrams Says CNN Would Have ‘Strong Lawsuit’ Against White House Over Acosta Ban

Guatemalan Mom Sues Trump Admin to Get Young Son Separated at Border Back

DNC Chair Tom Perez Responds to Democratic Criticism of Lawsuit: ‘Our Democracy Is at Risk’

Trump Reacts to Lawsuit from ‘Obstructionist Democrats,’ Calls Debbie Wasserman Schultz ‘Wendy’

Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier ‘Not Supportive’ of DNC Lawsuit: It’s ‘Ill-Conceived’

Trump Campaign, RNC Respond to DNC Lawsuit: ‘Desperate’

The NRA Files Lawsuit Over Florida Gun Legislation Passed by Gov. Rick Scott

In Touch Reportedly Held Stormy Daniels Interview in 2011 After Trump Lawsuit Threat

Bill O’Reilly Serves Legal Summons on NJ Pol Who Accused Him of Harassment

Journalist Yashar Ali on Lawsuit from Eric Bolling: Trying to ‘Intimidate Me’ Won’t Work

Christian Farmers Sue Michigan Town For Banning Them From Farmers Market Over Marriage Views

‘Importing Migrant Rapists’: Chobani Suing Alex Jones Over InfoWars Claims

Third Fox News Employee Files Lawsuit Against Network for Racial Discrimination

Julie Roginsky Tweets Thanks to Supporters After Filing Lawsuit Against Fox, Ailes

Lawsuit Alleges Dude Ranch Owner Asked Chef to Cook ‘Black People Food’

Chef José Andrés Tweets He Wants to End Lawsuits with Donald Trump

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