Liz Trotta

Fox News’ Liz Trotta Sounds Off: Jodi Arias Trial ‘Got Hijacked By Feminists’

Fox’s Liz Trotta: ‘Ladies Of The Press’ Envy Ann Romney For Marrying Rich Guy

Liz Trotta: Black Anchors Covering Trayvon Martin ‘Can Only Hurt Their Credibility’ With Personal Stories

At Santorum Rally, Fox News Analyst Frank Luntz Jokes About Running President Obama Over

Fox’s Liz Trotta Clarifies Remarks About Women In The Military

Jon Stewart Rips Fox’s Liz Trotta Over Comments On Military Women Who Are ‘Raped Too Much’

Fox’s Liz Trotta Excoriates ‘Close To Communist’ MSNBC For Censoring Pat Buchanan

Fox News Commentator Calls Mitt Romney’s Obama Ad ‘An Out And Out Lie’

Fox News’ Liz Trotta: Occupy Wall Street Message Is Like ‘The Ravings Of The Unabomber’

Fox’s Liz Trotta: Rep. Allen West’s Reputation As ‘Big Biker’ Spawned Sexism Charges

Fox’s Liz Trotta On Tina Brown’s ‘Sleazy’ Lady Diana ‘Fan Fiction’: ‘Lowest Of The Low’

Fox’s Liz Trotta: Palin And Rep. Bachmann Took Same History Course At ‘Fleabag U’

Fox’s Liz Trotta Scoffs At Idea That ‘Giggling, Grinning’ Katie Couric Is A ‘Journalist’

Fox News Contributor Returns Fire To NYT Editor For Fox Bias Accusations

Fox Newser: Anderson Cooper Lacks Modesty, His Egypt Coverage Was “Incoherent”

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