Texas Tech Campus on Lockdown After Officer Fatally Shot; Suspect on the Run (UPDATED)

White House on Lockdown, Secret Service Looking Into a ‘Suspicious Package’

Capitol Building on Lockdown; Police Investigating (UPDATED)

Dallas Police Department on Lockdown After Receiving Threat from Anonymous Group (UPDATED)

BREAKING: U.S. Capitol Building and Visitor Center on Lockdown (UPDATED)

Campus Libary Goes On Lockdown When Student Posts That Praying Muslim Has Gun

Canadian School in Lockdown After Shooting; Multiple Deaths Reported (UPDATE)

Belgian Police, Soldiers Held Alleged Orgy During Brussels Terror Lockdown

U.S. Capitol on Lockdown over Reports of Suicide (UPDATED)

Loud Noise Near White House Triggers Lockdown

Gunman Spotted at American University, Campus on Lockdown (UPDATED)

Conservative Radio Host Leaves Congress Job After Threats And Lockdown

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