After the Las Vegas Massacre, Obama and Clinton Show Us Why He Was President and She’ll Never Be 

Judge Napolitano: Susan Rice and ‘Presumably’ Obama Knew Trump Team Was ‘Being Surveilled’

Fill The Swamp? Trump’s DOJ Decides Not to Pursue Charges Against Lois Lerner Over IRS Scandal

Trump Tweets That He’s ‘Proud to Stand With’ Former Presidents in Harvey Relief Fundraiser

Obama’s Response to DACA Repeal Highlights the Intersection of Politics and Human Decency

Holocaust Museum Pulls Syrian Genocide Study After Backlash For Absolving Obama’s Inaction

Tucker Carlson Shames GOPers Who Back DACA: ‘Their Campaign Pledges Were Lies’

Harry Reid Accused of Pressuring Obama White House To Help Menendez Donor

Trump Appointee Resigns After CNN Report on Offensive Online Comments Made About Obama

Tapper Claps Back at ‘Dimwitted Propagandists’ RT America For Saying He Gave Obama a Pass

Hannity: ‘We Need to Learn From the Mistakes of Barack Obama’ and Not Rush to Judgment

Roughly 40 Obama Holdovers Still in Trump’s National Security Council

Tables Turned? Outrage Towards President’s Soft Rhetoric on Terror Sounds Vaguely Familiar…

Huckabee Defends Trump’s Charlottesville Remarks: Is He Supposed to Jump to Conclusions Like Obama Did?

TBT: We’ve Seen This Stupid North Korea Movie Once Or Twice Before

Obama, Allies Reportedly Want Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to Run in 2020

‘Hundreds’ of Unmasking Requests Reportedly Made By Single Obama Admin Official in 2016

More Obama Admin Officials Will Reportedly Be Scrutinized in ‘Unmasking’ Probe

Krauthammer Slams Trump/Press: Russia Meddling ‘Is Not The Main Story For God’s Sake’

Susan Rice Will Testify in a Closed-Door Session Before The House Intel Committee

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