Meet the 800-Pound Man Kicked Out of Hospital for Ordering Pizza

Feminist Organizers: Ronald Reagan ‘F*cked Everything Up’ for Fat People

Convicted Florida Scammer Won’t Go to Prison Because He’s Too Obese

Fox Guest on Fat-Shaming: ‘If You Don’t Want to Be Called Fat, Then Don’t Be Fat!’

That New Year’s Resolution to Eat Healthier in 2013 Didn’t Do Sh*t

‘Fit Mom’ and ‘Curvy Girl’ Clash on CNN Over ‘Fat Shaming’ and Anti-Obesity ‘Hate Speech’

Obama Can’t Keep His Pardoned Thanksgiving Turkeys Alive Because They’re Too Obese

Sam Kass to Educate The Next Generation of MasterChef Juniors

Hallo-whut?!? Woman to Hand Out ‘Obesity Letter’ to Fat Trick-or-Treaters

A TV Network Backed Out of A Deal with Art Smith Because He Lost Weight

WATCH: Cake Boss Thinks People Should Stop Making Fun of Chris Christie’s Weight

This Happened: Lawrence O’Donnell Talks At Great Length About How ‘Morbidly Obese’ Rush Limbaugh Is

CDC: Michelle Obama (And Chefs By Extension) Helped Lower Childhood Obesity Rates

Last Call: Happy 102nd Birthday, David Chang!

New Zealand Deports South African Chef For Being Overweight

Confession: I Am A Plate Size Elitist

Last Call: What Your Facebook ‘Likes’ Say About You (That You’re Obese)

Woah: Southerners Aren’t More Obese Than The Rest Of America, They’re More Honest

Mississippi House Passes ‘Anti-Bloomberg Bill’ Banning Regulation Of Portion Sizes

Last Call: Brian Malarkey Does Everything Loudly, And Classified Ads Are No Exception

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