President Obama

Criticism of Sasha and Malia Obama Highlights Common Sexist Double Standard

That Time Obama Scolded Scaramucci About Claims He Was ‘Too Tough’ on Wall Street

Gutfeld: Obama Kept Quiet About Russia Because ‘He Didn’t Want To Look Like a Fool’

Now That Donald Trump Will Be President, Dissent Is Once Again Patriotic

WATCH LIVE: President Obama Holds Final Press Conference

WATCH LIVE: President Obama Holds Final Press Conference from the White House

WATCH LIVE: World Series Champion Chicago Cubs Visit White House, President Obama

WATCH LIVE: President Obama Delivers Farewell Address in Chicago

‘I Do Believe They Waited Too Long’: Democratic Rep on Obama’s Response to Russian Hacking

‘How Did This Happen!?’: Key & Peele Bring Back Obama’s Anger Translator One Last Time

Joe Walsh Knows Why Obama Hates Israel So Much, Because He’s Muslim Of Course

So Much for a Smooth Transition: Trump Slams Obama Over ‘Inflammatory’ Statements, ‘Roadblocks’

Carl Paladino Apologizes for Controversial Obama Comments; I’m Not a Racist, I Was ‘Wired Up’

Huckabee on Obama Saying He Would’ve Defeated Trump: ‘What an Insult to Hillary Clinton!’

Carl Paladino’s Own Son Denounces Father’s ‘Disrespectful’ Comments About the Obamas

Obama: I Could’ve Beaten Trump if I Ran Again

When ‘Journalism’ Becomes The New Weapon Of Mass Destruction

President Obama: Hillary Clinton Was Not ‘Treated Fairly’ by the Media During the Election

WATCH LIVE: President Obama Delivers Year-End Presser From the White House

Trump Says He Consulted Obama on Cabinet Picks: ‘I Really Like Him’

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