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Tonight in Food TV: Christina Tosi Judges The Taste in a Dessert Challenge

WATCH: Does Jon Favreau Really Make Top Chef-testants Go Freegan in the French Quarter?

Tonight in Food TV: The MasterChef Junior Finale

WATCH: Wolfgang Puck Judges Fake Top Chef with Human Meat on Tonight’s CSI

Tonight in Food TV: Dana Cowin Makes Top Chef-testants Stop Putting Eggs on Everything

Tonight in Food TV: Colicchio Throws Mardi Gras Beads on Top Chef New Orleans Premiere

Tonight in Food TV: Marcel Vigneron Cooks Soup in a Braiser on Eat, Drink, Love

Tonight In Food TV: The Twee-est Top Chef Masters Finale in History

Tonight in Food TV: Ilan Hall’s Knife Fight Finally Premieres, For Real!

Tonight in Food TV: Eat, Drink, Love Perfectly Explains Why Pop-Ups Are Terrible

WATCH: David Burke Gets Tricked by a Mexican Wrestling Burlesque Drag Perfomer

Tonight in Food TV: Can the Eat, Drink, Love Ladies Manage To Be Supportive Humans?

WATCH: Yo Gabba Gabba Takes Over Top Chef Masters Tonight, Because Why Not

Tonight in Food TV: Steamers Are Hard! (For Italian MasterChef-testants)

Tonight in Food TV: Curtis Stone’s Surprise Engagement Party, Plus Scary Fowl Slaughter

WATCH: Top Chef Masters Tackle Sex-Themed Challenge Tonight, What Could Be Awkward About It?

New Hooked Up To Star Dead Poets Society’s Josh Charles; Diems Will Be Carpe’d

Tonight In Food TV: Top Chef Masters Premieres With a Group Sky Dive, MasterChefs Go Camping

PHOTO: Glee’s Cory Monteith And Gordon Ramsay Hang Out On Set

Tonight In Food TV: All These Lambs Were Harmed In The Making Of This MasterChef Episode

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