3AM Tweet: Trump Ominously Declares Joe Biden Will Only Win White House if Supreme Court Fails to Stop It


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Judging by his Twitter activity, President Donald Trump was up to the wee hours of early Friday morning, with a flurry of messages designed to get out the MAGA vote, and of course undermine his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

With just five days left in a hotly contested election in which most polls have him trailing, his messages were, predictably, of a political nature. But the last message ominously declared that the only way Biden can win the White House is if the Supreme Court were to help make “such a ridiculous win possible.”

Trump’s tweets can sometimes require graduate-level sentence diagraming to truly unpack. This is such a tweet:

What the commander in chief is flatly saying is that the only way that Joe Biden is “actually elected President,” is if five Supreme Court justices were to help allow that to happen. This statement is the clearest indication that President Trump expects to take the results of next Tuesday’s general election to the courts, regardless of the outcome. It also puts in stark relief the rush to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

The stunning tweet came in a flurry of very late (or super early?) posts from President Trump, which included “Biden will destroy the United States Supreme Court. Don’t let this happen!” and #BidenCrimeFamiily (sic). While alleging your political foe is running a crime organization should never be considered normal, that was not the most unsettling message he sent, evidenced above.

In any different political era, the wanton and baseless labeling of a political foe as the leader of a crime organization would be outrageous, but during the Trump era, it’s something to which we’ve curiously become accustomed. Trump’s clear threat to take the election results to the Supreme Court, and blatant ridiculing of any justices that may rule against him?

That is not normal — and borders on coercion of an ostensibly independent branch of government.

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