Trump Claims Biden ‘Doesn’t Want to Condemn’ Philadelphia Rioters After Ex-Veep Condemns Philadelphia Rioters


President Donald Trump claimed that Joe Biden “doesn’t want to condemn” the violent protests happening in Philadelphia … shortly after the former vice president did exactly that.

During a press conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Trump took a number of questions about the riots in Philadelphia ever since the police shooting of Walter Wallace. At one point, a reporter asked Trump for his response to Biden condemning the rioting and calling for a discussion about these types of situations.

“The former vice-president has been doing this for 47 years. He’s been doing it badly,” Trump responded. “This is a group that he supports. He doesn’t want to condemn them. I saw that. He doesn’t want to condemn them. You have to condemn.”

Trump went on by bragging about his endorsements from law enforcement groups while claiming Biden will be “very, very weak” on the subject.

As it were, Biden took questions from reporters after casting his early 2020 vote, and he offered a denouncement for the violence in the city.

“There is no excuse whatsoever for the looting and the violence. None whatsoever,” he said. “As the victim’s father said, ‘do not do this. You’re not helping, you’re hurting. You’re hurting my son.'”

Here’s the statement the Biden campaign released on the unrest, which pronounces looting as “a crime” and says anger at social injustice does not excuse violent protest.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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