18 Days: Watch CNN New Day‘s Obsession With How Long it Took Trump to Fire Michael Flynn

On this morning’s episode of CNN’s New Day there was a particular obsession with the number eighteen.

It seems that eighteen days passed between the time then Acting Attorney General Sally Yates approached White House counsel about her concerns that Gen. Michael Flynn had been compromised by Russian intelligence and that President Donald Trump asked for the resignation from the NSA director.

18 days. Why 18 days?

It’s a great question that came up, repeatedly, during today’s New Day on CNN.

It’s a significant time, especially if the National Security Advisor is any way a security threat to US intelligence operations as was suggested by Ms. Yates during her testimony in front of the Senate investigative hearing yesterday.

“We believed General Flynn was compromised with respect to the Russians” was the initial headline that came from yesterday’s hearing, and it’s certainly reasonable to question the time it took to relieve Flynn of his duties.

18 days. Came up a LOT on CNN this morning.

Watch the clip above, lovingly edited with footage that came courtesy of CNN.

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