After Blasting Trump, Tucker Carlson Clarifies The Left Is Still a Bigger ‘Threat to Gun Rights’

On Friday night, Tucker Carlson took aim at the left after criticizing President Trump on gun rights yesterday.

The Fox News host blasted the president for saying that he would take guns first before due process during his listening session with lawmakers, saying had President Obama said that, Republicans would be calling him a “dictator” and demanding his impeachment.

However, Carlson said he “didn’t want to leave the impression” that the Trump administration is the “main threat to gun rights.”

He then played several clips featuring Jimmy Kimmel, NYT columnist Bret Stephens, and CNN’s Van Jones to show how “the other side” feels about guns.

“Trump did say something stupid about due process the other day and the fact is though that the left has been opposing due process, the most basic of our constitutional rights, for a long time specifically on the subject of gun control,” Carlson said.

Carlson then blasted the left touting Australia’s confiscation of gun and pointed out that their government threatened law-abiding citizens with a prison sentence if they didn’t turn over their guns, which Carlson then claimed is “exactly” what liberals are calling for.

“Democrats are pushing for a law that would outlaw more than 200 kinds of firearms, as well as all guns that have various irrelevant cosmetic features like bayonet lugs and lots of other things people wrote the law knew nothing about,” Carlson continued. “If that law passes and it might if the Democrats take Congress, you will be punished. You’ll have fewer rights. But wait a second, you’ve done nothing wrong. You never shot anybody. Have you no plans to shoot anybody. It doesn’t matter. Democrats will treat you the same way they treat convicted felons, as unworthy to be trusted with you firearms. Meanwhile their body guards will still have the most powerful guns available. Of course they will, because they can. Because they’re in charge and you’re not.”

“You often hear progressives say they want an honest conversation about guns. Well, of course we do too. That’s why we have invited the heads of almost every different gun control group to come on this show and tell them what they believe. We’ll let them talk. Mike Bloomberg‘s group, George Soros‘ group, Gabby Giffords‘ group; they’ve all refused to come on,” Carlson said. “They’re delighted to appear on CNN, obviously, where they’re celebrated and never challenged.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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