Al Sharpton Warns Police Will Continue Acting in ‘Demonic Fashion’ Without Legal Accountability


Rev. Al Sharpton warned that police will continue acting in a “demonic fashion” if officers are convinced “they’ll walk out of court” in cases of police brutality. His comments came moments after it was announced Garrett Rolfe, the Atlanta cop who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot, will face 11 charges including felony murder.

“Training is not enough when you’re dealing with people that apparently have that kind of venom and that kind of feeling about human beings that they’re dealing with,” Sharpton said on MSNBC. “I think that we’ve got to deal with the fact that we are processing people without really understanding their opinions, biases, or feelings about other human beings.”

Sharpton began to compare the instance of a former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin killing George Floyd by kneeling of his neck to other deaths of black people caused by cops. He said if there’s a cop with a history of police brutality, they are given “more money” to behave.

“There’s some deep-seated venom and a deep sense [that] we’re less than human with what we’re dealing with here,” Sharpton said. “I think policemen, like every other citizen, must know they will go to jail. They will pay the ultimate price.”

“But as long as they feel that they can operate in a way as inhumane as this is, as vicious as this is,” Sharpton added, “that the unions will give them the best lawyers and they’ll walk out of court — if they go to court at all — they will operate in this same kind of demonic fashion. That is scary for all American citizens.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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