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CNN Analyst Blasts ‘Leftist Bigots’ Joy Reid and Al Sharpton For Hosting Racism Town Hall: ‘Utterly Ironic’

Rev. Al Sharpton Lauds Roseanne Cancellation: ‘ABC Did the Right Thing’

Al Sharpton Battles Pastor Mark Burns: ‘Name One Thing’ Trump Has Done to Help Black America

Sharpton Calls Out White House Silence at Stephon Clark’s Funeral: ‘No, This Is Not a Local Matter’

Al Sharpton Responds to Don Jr.: ‘We Haven’t Changed,’ Your Dad Did

Don Jr. Defends Dad from Charges of Racism: Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, ‘All the Rappers’ Used to Like Him

Jemele Hill to Sharpton: Trump Uses ‘Racial Pornography’ to Rile Up His Base

Sharpton: I Disagreed a Lot With George W. Bush, But He Never ‘Got in the Gutter’

Sharpton on Trump ‘Ingrates’ Comment: ‘Can You Imagine Him Saying That to Whites in Florida?’

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Ends Birthday Celebration in Handcuffs For Allegedly Shoving Cabbie

Greg Gutfeld: The Unity on Display During Harvey Has Destroyed Liberals’ ‘Grim Worldview’

A Common Enemy in President Trump Somehow Unites Al Sharpton and Jews

WHCD Red Carpet: Who Has Emerged As New Journalism Stars in Trump’s First 100 Days

WHCD Red Carpet: Tapper, Sharpton and More Tell Mediaite Whether Trump ‘Good or Bad’ for Media

Al Sharpton Plans to Picket Madison Square Garden Unless Charles Oakley’s Ban is Lifted

Al Sharpton: ‘No Question’ That the Process That Elected Trump Wasn’t Legitimate

Sharpton Plans Pre-Inauguration March to Tell Dems Not to ‘Weaken’ on Trump Nominees

Obama: I Do Not Believe Comey Is Trying to ‘Influence the Election’

Diddy: Obama ‘Shortchanged’ Black People, Hillary Isn’t Talking to the Community

Sharpton to Detroit Pastor: Did Trump ‘Repent’ at All When He Spoke to You?

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