Andrew McCabe Ridicules Rod Rosenstein’s ‘Revisionist History’ On Russian Probe: ‘It’s Preposterous’


Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe ripped former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his reported curtailing of the investigation into President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

As McCabe joined CNN’s New Day on Monday morning, he was asked for his response to The New York Times’ reporting that Rosenstein secretly prevented the FBI from looking into Trump’s personal and financial ties to Russia despite the concerns at the time of a counterintelligence threat. McCabe told the Times that Rosenstein never informed the FBI about the restrictions he placed on Robert Mueller, and when CNN asked McCabe to elaborate, he began by responding to Rosenstein’s belief that McCabe had conflicts of interest.

McCabe began by reiterating his view that Trump’s relationship with Russia posed a national security concern, and that when he passed the case on to Mueller’s office, he expected “that all issues related to that would be investigated.”

“If they have not been investigated, they certainly should be,” McCabe said. “We don’t have fewer reasons to suspect the president’s relationship with Russia. We now have many, many more.”

McCabe went on to recall that when he opened the initial case and ran it by Rosenstein, the deputy AG didn’t raise any objections at the time, and “in fact, he supported what we were doing.” This led to him accusing Rosenstein of “revisionist history” for what concerns he now supposedly had.

For Mr. Rosenstein to come out now and profess to have had some concerns at the time that he never raised and never act upon, I think it’s just preposterous. It’s revisionist history.

Watch above, via CNN.

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