Art of the Deal Co-Author Tony Schwartz: Trump is ‘Mentally Ill’


Tony Schwartz, the co-author the Donald Trump‘s famed book The Art of The Deal, assessed the president’s prospects at the upcoming summit with North Korea on New Day, and came to a troubling conclusion: he is “mentally ill.”

Schwartz was on to analyze the president in the wake of his decision to upend the two days of diplomacy with allies at the G7 over the weekend, and made the bold declaration based on his decades of observing Trump.

“He is under a severe a lot of stress,” Schwartz explained. “I’m going to say it very bluntly: He’s mentally ill.”

“This is a man — and I understand I’m not a psychiatrist — but he’s prima facia mentally ill. He has a personality disorder. That means on its face this is a man who is unstable, who doesn’t think clearly and now has narrowed his frame by pushing out anybody who will disagree with him. And therefore he is listening only to himself, and he believes, megalomaniacally, that he is always right.”

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota pointed out that those who work with Trump say the president is sane and operating with all his faculties.

“Alisyn, I love you. But that’s nonsense,” Schwartz replied. “They say it publicly. But privately, and I have heard it privately, they all are terrified by his instability.”

Schwartz also gave his analysis of how the president thinks during these high profile meetings.

“His interest is almost entirely about how he is seen or how he thinks he’s seen,” Schwartz said. “And therefore his perspective is a very — it’s wearing blinders. All he cares about right now, particularly in light of what happened at the G-7 is that he can restore in his own mind his sense of self. And what’s so fragile in trump is his sense of self. And he has almost no ability to tolerate criticism. As you saw when Trudeau criticized him. And that’s a very scary thing. Because right now, as he looks into this meeting, his concern is rehabilitating his image, even if it’s at our expense.”

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