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Ben Carson Bashes CNN: ‘They Don’t Want People to Take Me Seriously’

PicMonkey-Collage-CarsonRepublican presidential candidate Ben Carson took aim at CNN Monday morning, accusing reporters Jim Acosta and Brianna Keilar of treating him unfairly.

Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg played back the video of Sunday’s State of the Union interview, in which Acosta pressed Carson on his support for using military drones to secure the border. “To me, you were badgered,” Malzberg said, comparing it to another contentious interview over gay rights with Keilar. “Why does it seem that they do this to you?”

“Because they don’t want people to take me seriously,” Carson responded. “And they’re very afraid of my message getting out there, because it flies directly in the face of the secular progressive movement.”

“I am a huge threat to them,” he continued. “Therefore, if they can find the chink in the armor and they can concentrate on that, they can get you off the things that are so important for this country.”

Malzberg asked Carson if he was talking about the liberal media in general, or just the CNN hosts: “The liberal media in general, but certainly the people you just mentioned are problematic.”

Watch, via Newsmax.

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