Betsy DeVos Grilled on Backing Off Raising Gun Buying Age: ‘Sounds Like The NRA Got to’ Trump


After a trainwreck 60 Minutes interview, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was hitting the morning shows on Monday, and didn’t fare much better in her first, on the Today show.

Host Savanah Guthrie brutally grilled President Donald Trump’s education secretary on the administration’s school safety bill, which backed off previous calls by the president to raise the minimum age to purchase certain guns from 18 to 21 years old.

“I’m looking at your plan, and it does not call for that age limit to be raised to 21 after all,” Guthrie said. “What happened?”

DeVos replied that “the plan is really the first step in a more lengthy process,” to which Guthrie interjected to say, “you’re saying it’s a longer process, yet the president has made clear what he thought.”

“So why is it that it is not in this plan? What happened, what changed?”

DeVos replied with another non-answer, eventually stating, “we have to go back to the beginning and talk about how these violent acts are even occurring to start with.”

Guthrie outlined the president’s back and forth on raising the age limit for buying guns, and after noting the NRA’s involvement in gun control talks after the Parkland, Florida high school shooting, said, “a lot of people are looking at that and thinking: sounds like the NRA got to him.”

“As I said earlier, everything is on the table,” DeVos replied.

Guthrie went on to continue grilling DeVos over the White House plan to arm teachers in schools, even asking whether teachers should carry assault weapons, “because presumably they may face assault weapons.”

Again, it wasn’t pretty. Watch above, via NBC News.

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