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Chris and Andrew Cuomo End Coronavirus Interview by Sparring Over Who’s the Favorite Child

While the coronavirus continues to weigh heavily on the minds of politicians and media figures across the country, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave viewers a lighthearted moment on Monday night by bickering over who is their mother’s favorite son.

As Governor Cuomo spoke to his brother about a curfew across the state, he went into a personal anecdote in order to argue that it was an unpleasant but necessary step to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

“I don’t like the word, ‘curfew.’ Dad tried to have a curfew for me. I never got past the resentment,” the governor said.

The CNN anchor interjected to say “That was the least of your problems, by the way.”

“You violated the curfew all the time,” the governor retorted. “Caused much pain. But that’s a different story.”

As Chris moved to conclude the interview, he told his brother that “no matter how hard you’re working, there’s always time to call mom. She wants to hear from you.”

“I called mom. I called mom just before I came on the show,” the governor said. “By the way, she said I was her favorite.”

“She never said that,” the CNN host responded as the governor continued to say he was “her second favorite.”

You’re better off watching it for yourself above, via CNN.

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