Chris Cuomo Confronts Sean Duffy Over Trump’s ‘Ugly’ Attack on Pelosi: Why Won’t GOP Call This Stuff Out?

CNN’s Chris Cuomo sat down with former Republican congressman Sean Duffy to talk about President Donald Trump’s recent attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Republican’s silence on the matter.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted out that Pelosi didn’t have time to think because her “teeth were falling out of her mouth.”

Cuomo started off the interview by noting that when Republicans don’t push back on comments and call this stuff out that they are being a follower.

Duffy, in response, admitted Trump says “some pretty rough and tumble things” but then noted that Pelosi has taken shots too, at one point calling Trump’s “manhood into question.”

Cuomo then countered that Trump does not seem to recognize he’s the “biggest man” in the room.

“The president is the biggest man in the room…Did you ever hear the expression the lion is not concerned by the complaints of the sheep” Cuomo pressed.

The CNN host then scolded, “None of you will say he should not have said that about Nancy Pelosi, it was an ugly remark that is beneath the presidency. None of you have said it.”

Then after Duffy tried to argue that the media didn’t call out Maxine Waters for her comments on Trump, Duffy said, in his estimation, Republicans are often treated unfairly and thus are happy when Trump is perceived as “fighting back against at least a perceived unfairness.”

“Sean, we’re not in a bar,” Cuomo snapped back. “Where is your high ground morally if you don’t call it out?”

Watch above, via CNN

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