Sean Duffy

GOP Congressman Defends Conflicting Trump-Tillerson Policies as a ‘Strategy’

GOP Rep. Sean Duffy Rips Packers for Linking Arms During Anthem: ‘They Won’t Get Us to Disrespect Our Flag’

Rep. Sean Duffy Fails To Distract Colleague Trey Gowdy During CNN Interview

GOP Rep.: ‘I Don’t Think We Have the Votes Yet’ for Republican Healthcare Plan

GOP Rep. Spars With Cuomo: ‘I Have a Concern About What Our Intelligence Community Is Doing’

Rep. Sean Duffy to GOP Health Care ‘Naysayers’: ‘This Is Our One Shot’

‘Bring It on, Alisyn!’: CNN Interview With GOP Congressman Gets Heated and Strange

‘Put Your Big Boy Pants on’: GOP Congressman Rips Into 42 Democrats Skipping Inauguration

‘You Were the Ones Saying Lock Her Up!’: Megyn Kelly Grills GOP Rep. on Trump Flip-Flop

GOP Rep.: Trump Needs ‘Guide Rails’ on How He Uses Twitter

GOP Rep.: If Putin Really Wanted Trump to Win, He Wouldn’t ‘Say Nice Things’ About Him

GOP Congressman Dodges Questions on Whether Obama Is ‘In League’ With ISIS

The Republican Convention Can’t Find Speakers Thanks to Trump

Chris Cuomo Nails Republican Congressman on ISIS Hypocrisy

GOP Rep. Sean Duffy: ‘Oppressive’ to Mandate Vaccines

GOP Rep. Cuts Selfie Video to ‘Bridge Gap’ with Millennials

GOP Congressman Releases Unbelievably Bizarre Music Video About Selfies

The View Hosts Battle over Whether College Conservatives More Tolerant than Liberals

GOP Rep. Goes After MSNBC’s Brzezinski: ‘You’re Part of the Problem’

GOP Rep. to Fox & Friends: ‘Liberal Media Starting to Crack’ on Obamacare

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