comScore Chris Hayes: Harward Declined Job Due to WH Not Meeting His Conditions, Trump’s Presser

Chris Hayes: Harward Declined Job Due to WH Not Meeting His Conditions, Trump’s Presser


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes reported tonight on what a source told him about the reasons Vice Admiral and former Navy SEAL Robert Harward turned down the position of National Security Advisor.

In his official statement yesterday, Harward brought up “financial and family issues that would have been challenging in this position.” White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said this morning that Harward’s family was a big factor in his decision.

However, CNN’s Jake Tapper said a friend of Harward’s told him he didn’t want to jump into that “shit sandwich,” and tonight Hayes said that despite some reporting, he was open to keeping some of Michael Flynn‘s staff.

No, what reportedly did it for Harward was that his conditions were not met. The first condition was that there be a clear chain of command, and the second was that the structure of the National Security Council be restored so advisors like Steve Bannon wouldn’t be on the Principals Committee.

Hayes’ source reportedly said that Harward wrote to the White House early morning on Thursday turning down the job, but the White House asked him to reconsider, which he did. But, Hayes adds, Harward again decided no “after watching the president’s press conference yesterday.”

“Such a decision would indicate,” Hayes concluded, “the president’s press conference and more generally his temperament has impaired his ability to fill this vital role.”

It appears that Harward will be one of the guests on ABC’s This Week on Sunday to presumably address the matter himself.

Watch Hayes’ report above, via MSNBC.

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