Chris Hayes Mockingly Compares Ted Cruz to ‘Hot Dog Guy’ Meme Over His Comments About Capitol Riots


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes mocked Senator Ted Cruz by comparing him to the “hot dog guy” meme over his comments about the Capitol riots.

If you’ve seen the meme but are unclear what it’s from, the hilarious Tim Robinson Netflix show I Think You Should Leave features one particularly memorable sketch where a hot dog car crashes into a store and… well, here, just watch.

Hayes said he keeps thinking about that sketch watching Cruz at hearings on the Jan. 6 riots saying things like, “The riot on January 6th didn’t come out of nowhere.”

“No, no, senator, it didn’t come out of nowhere,” Hayes mockingly agreed. “It came from the encouragement and incitement of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz himself, among others, who spread the big election lie that the election was stolen and then set January 6th as the big day of the challenge and then basically showed up to today’s hearing in a hot dog suit asking Christopher Wray how it all happened!”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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