comScore Chris Matthews Decries Trump’s ‘Frightening’ Views on Abortion Over SCOTUS News

Chris Matthews Decries Trump’s ‘Frightening’ Views on Abortion Over SCOTUS News

The shocked reactions and dire warnings as a result of Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy‘s shock retirement filled the airwaves on Wednesday afternoon.

One of the primary concerns among a number of pundits was the future of abortion and women’s reproductive rights especially given President Donald Trump‘s role in the next pick.

Over at CNN, Jeffrey Toobin declared “Roe v. Wade is doomed.”

“Somebody has the last word and here it is the Supreme Court and Roe V. Wade is doomed,” Toobin noted. “It is gone because Donald Trump won the election. And because he’s going to have the chance to appoint two Supreme Court justices.”

At MSNBC, Chris Matthews was likewise concerned about the future of abortion laws in the nation.

“Certainly, if the president, Trump, does what he tends to do, pick a conservative. Remember, when I interviewed him in Green Bay in 2016 and I asked him about a woman’s right to choose, he said there needs to be some form of punishment, some form of punishment were his words for a woman who chooses to have an abortion,” Matthews reminded.

He added: “His views on this are somewhat frightening, his instinctive views and to allow him to pick another Supreme Court justice is frightening… I used to think that Roe v. Wade was secure. I don’t think it will be secure now.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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