Chris Matthews to Kamala Harris: After Busing Experience, How Did You Not ‘Have Hatred Towards White People?’


Chris Matthews asked Senator Kamala Harris on Thursday night how she was able to move past her negative experiences with federal busing and segregation without developing a “hatred” of white people.

MSNBC held a post-debate interview with Harris that largely focused on how the California senator challenged Joe Biden’s outing his ability to work with segregationists and his civil rights record overall. Harris reiterated several of her debate stage remarks by speaking of the harm segregationists have caused, saying, “I do not believe he’s a racist, but his perspective on those senators was something that was hurtful, and it had consequence.”

Matthews continued the conversation by breaking down Harris’ “very dramatic” confrontation, and asked: “Do you feel that still? Do you feel that memory?”

“Of course I do. It’s the memory of a child who felt pain,” Harris said. “I mean, I have gotten beyond it obviously, but…it is a real emotion that a child feels based on a fact that these issues are real in our country and we have to speak truth about it.”

That’s when Matthews said this:

“This is really important to people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. I don’t like the word race — ethnicities. How did you come out of that and not have hatred towards white people generally? You talked about being a kid and having other kids being kept off as friends because their parents looked at you as someone else.”

“Most Americans do not conduct themselves that way, and most parents don’t conduct themselves that way,” Harris answered. “So there was no need to create a broad application because of that one experience, but we cannot deny that there are many children, black children in America who have had that experience.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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