CNN Contributor Insists It’s ‘Natural’ for Trump to Think He’s Above the Law: He ‘Believes in Genetic Superiority’

The author of The Truth About Trump is not at all surprised that President Donald Trump thinks he’s above the law.

After all, according to CNN contributor Michael D’Antonio, this is a guy who believes in “genetic superiority.”

D’Antonio’s comments were made during a CNN panel hosted by Don Lemon.

Referencing Rep. Jerry Nadler‘s comments about Trump being “king,” Lemon asked, “Does the president believe he’s above the law?”

D’Antonio replied, “He was raised to think that.”

The Trump biographer continued on: “So the president’s father would repeat to him when he was growing up you’re a killer, you’re a king. So this idea of some people being elevated, some people being above all others, in this case above the law, I don’t think is foreign to him.”

Then he said this: “I think it feels natural. He’s someone who believes in genetic superiority. He told me I don’t respect most people because they’re not worthy of respect. Why would he respect the separation of powers,  checks and balances,  any system that is inconvenient for him.”

Watch above, via CNN


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