So Who Is Donald Trump Really? Politico Asks the Mogul’s Biographers


Trump-e1456450789520In an eye-opening article, Politico gathered five of Donald Trump‘s biographers together to discuss the GOP frontrunner, what drives him, and what could we expect from President Trump.

They discuss Trump’s father, the real estate developer Fred Trump Sr. Michael D’Antonio said:

I think everybody is always wondering about what is the original wound, you know, what caused that hole that Louis C.K. talks about that Donald is trying to fill up, and part of it is shaped like a father figure. I don’t know that he even recognizes it. Does Donald use any word other than “tough” to talk about his dad? I mean, that’s the word he used with me over and over again. He was tough. He was tough. He was tough.

On Trump’s obsession with self-image, Timothy O’Brien, author of TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald, weighed in:

When you talk about whether he’s narcissistic or not, I remember one thing I took away when I was working on my book about him, is when he was finishing college, he wasn’t sure he wanted to go into his father’s business, and he thought he might go out to Hollywood and become a movie producer.

He loves film, and he has this very cinematic sense of himself, and I think he thinks of himself almost as like a Clint Eastwood figure. Every time, in one of those photos, where he sort of grimaces—and his wife, Melania, does it now with him—into the lens, I think he thinks of himself as an actor in his own drama, in his own western.

On what makes him such a difficult subject for objective journalists, Gwenda Blair, author of The Trumps: Three Generations That Built an Empire, recalled:

Whenever I went to interview him, I always felt like a failure, because he would never say anything. It would just be blather. He would say how great he was, and then I would then get more blather. And that is how he talks on the campaign trail. People always ask me, “Is that how he really is?”

Harry Hurt III, author of Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, responded, “Yeah, that’s how he really is.”

Read the complete conversation at Politico.

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