comScore CNN’s Amanda Carpenter: John Brennan Should Apologize for ‘Treason’ Comments About Trump

CNN’s Amanda Carpenter: John Brennan Should Apologize for ‘Treason’ Comments About Trump

CNN political commentator Amanda Carpenter said today that former CIA Director John Brennan should apologize for throwing “treason” out there in talking about President Donald Trump as the Russia investigation was underway.

Jake Tapper brought up comments from Brennan calling Trump’s claims of no collusion “hogwash,” as well as when he decried the president’s infamous Helsinki press conference as “nothing short of treasonous.”

And after Brennan said today he “suspected there was more than there actually was,” Tapper asked if the president has a point in calling for critics to apologize.

Democratic strategist Keith Boykin said, “I don’t know whether anybody is owed an apology yet because we still haven’t seen what’s in the Mueller report. One thing is clear, Russia did interfere in our elections in 2016…. Donald Trump denied that repeatedly.”

He added, “That is, according to some people, potentially treasonous activity.”

Carpenter said at the least Brennan should “apologize to the American people for giving them the idea that treason––big capital letters treason––was committed.”

“He’s not just a regular pundit spouting off,” she said. “He was a former CIA director. I don’t know about you guys, but when a former CIA director speaks, I listen, because I believe they have credibility, and now he’s backtracking.”

Carpenter went on to say that everyone now needs to see the Mueller report to understand the reasoning behind the conclusions he did (and didn’t) come to.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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