CNN’s Clarissa Ward: Trump’s Attack on CNN International ‘Emboldens’ Hostile Foreign Governments


Over the weekend, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to engage in one of his favorite activities — taking shots at CNN while calling the network “fake news.” In this particular instance, he went even further, stating that CNN International reflects poorly on the United States to the rest of the world and adding that other countries don’t see the truth from them.

This afternoon, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin brought on two veteran war correspondents who work for CNN abroad to discuss the president’s remarks and what it could mean for them. Right off the bat, CNN senior international correspondent Ben Wedeman noted that he had been shot at while reporting in the past and wanted the president to know that this was a “dangerous job.” Additionally, he explained that he’s friends with journalists at other outlets and that they do not want to be divided.

CNN senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward followed that up by highlighting that she was worried that the president’s words could have a perilous impact on journalists in hostile areas of the world.

“My real concern in all of this is that it emboldens people in different parts of the world who may be hostile to the West,” Ward told Baldwin, “who may be hostile toward Western journalists because it sends a message very clearly that even our own president is volubly and publicly disparaging us, it’s open season on journalists, and it’s okay to come out and say that we’re a joke.”

Ward also discussed the timing of the president’s tweet, which came just hours after it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had signed into law a measure that would force foreign media outlets to register as foreign agents. The law is seen as retaliation for the United States requiring some Russian news outlets to file as foreign agents.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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