CNN’s Kaitlan Collins: WH Blocked Me from POTUS Event Because They Didn’t Like My Questions Earlier

The White House reportedly banned CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins from a Rose Garden event on Wednesday.

Collins’ disinvite came after she asked President Donald Trump questions during an earlier Oval Office photo op with Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission.

Collins was not the only reporter lobbing questions at Trump. But after her questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Michael Cohen, Collins was singled out and told she could not longer participate in the Rose Garden event.

“They said ‘You are dis-invited from the press availability in the Rose Garden today,'” Collins told CNN. “They said that the questions I asked were inappbropriate for that venue. And they said I was shouting.”

CNN is standing by their pool reporter and released a statement making it clear she did nothing wrong.

“Just because the White House is uncomfortable with a question regarding the news of day doesn’t mean the question isn’t relevant and shouldn’t be asked,” CNN said in their statement that was tweeted out on Wednesday. “This decision to bar a member of the press is retaliatory in nature and not indicative of an open and free press. We demand better.”

The White House has not commented further on the matter.

You can watch Collins’ report above, via CNN.

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