CNN’s New Day Scolds John Kelly for Civil War Comments: Bigotry ‘Ignored and Rationalized’


CNN’s New Day scolded Chief of Staff John Kelly Tuesday morning for his remarks about the Civil War on Fox News.

In a rare media appearance, Kelly joined the inaugural episode of Laura Ingraham’s new Fox show, and for some reason decided to wade into the thorny history of the Civil War when asked about the ongoing debate over Confederate Statues.

Kelly declared on Fox News that “Robert E. Lee was an honorable man” and that “the lack of ability to compromise led to the Civil War.” He also for some baffling reason took up the president’s very controversial “both sides” rhetoric, hailing the “men of women of good faith on both sides” of the conflict.

David Gregory kicked off the CNN pile on, calling the former general’s comments “very troubling.”

“These monuments were put up during Reconstruction to stick it to free black people and to let them know that there would be a new Jim Crow, and that the Civil War was fought for nothing,” he continued.

“He also misses the big word: slavery,” New Day co-host Chris Cuomo said. “It was about slavery, not a crisis of conscience.”

Cuomo added that Kelly is “a respected guy,” but compared the the White House chief of staff’s comments to President Donald Trump’s “both sides” rhetoric.

“It’s bigotry being ignored and rationalized, and Kelly is not going to make it better, he’s making it the same or worse,” Cuomo said.

CNN Political Analyst John Avlon added that the language Kelly used is straight out of “the myth of the Lost Cause, where the Confederacy is noble leaders like Robert E. Lee, being motivated not over slavery but over love of state first.”

“The Civil war didn’t come about just because good people couldn’t compromise on both sides. It came about because of slavery,” he concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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