John Kelly

John Kelly May Soon Be Out at White House After Clashing With Melania Trump

John Kelly Reportedly Grabbed Corey Lewandowski By the Collar in Oval Office Throwdown, Secret Service Intervened

Details Revealed From Bolton and Kelly’s Profane Fight Over Shutting Down Border: ‘I’m F*cking Out of Here’

Sarah Sanders Disputes Report of Bolton, Kelly Shouting Match: We are Passionate, Not Angry

Trump Reportedly Sided With John Bolton in Shouting Match With John Kelly, But Denies Knowing About It

Uncovered Email Reveals John Kelly Called Elizabeth Warren ‘Impolite Arrogant Woman’

Bob Woodward: Jim Mattis and John Kelly ‘Trying to Protect Their Jobs’ By Denying Quotes

Bill Maher Believes Gen. John Kelly is Op-Ed Writer: I Bet The McCain Funeral Was ‘The Last Straw’

Ivanka and Jared Reportedly Pointed Fingers at John Kelly for NYT Op-Ed: ‘He’s Destroying Your Presidency’

Former Nixon Lawyer John Dean on Trump’s Demand NY Times Turn Over Op-Ed Writer: ‘Frighteningly Dictatorial’

John Kelly Denies Calling Trump an Idiot

John Kelly Raged Against Trump in Woodward Book: He’s an Off-The-Rails ‘Idiot,’ ‘Worst Job I’ve Ever Had’

Dan Abrams: White House May Classify Conversations to Keep Omarosa From Releasing Them

Omarosa Says Trump is Being ‘Puppeted’ By John Kelly: He ‘Has No Clue What’s Going On’

Former US Attorney on MSNBC: Omarosa ‘Should Get Herself a Lawyer’

Omarosa Shares Recording of John Kelly Firing Her: ‘Very Obvious’ It Was ‘A Threat

Omarosa Contradicts Her Own Book in NPR Interview

Trump Reportedly Asks John Kelly to Remain Chief of Staff Through 2020, Kelly Agrees

Ex-WH Official Claims Trump Schedules Meetings Based on ‘Whatever He Saw on Fox & Friends

John Kelly Reportedly Encouraged Republicans to Speak Out Against Trump After Putin Presser

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