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Dan Abrams: White House May Classify Conversations to Keep Omarosa From Releasing Them

Omarosa Says Trump is Being ‘Puppeted’ By John Kelly: He ‘Has No Clue What’s Going On’

Former US Attorney on MSNBC: Omarosa ‘Should Get Herself a Lawyer’

Omarosa Shares Recording of John Kelly Firing Her: ‘Very Obvious’ It Was ‘A Threat

Omarosa Contradicts Her Own Book in NPR Interview

Trump Reportedly Asks John Kelly to Remain Chief of Staff Through 2020, Kelly Agrees

Ex-WH Official Claims Trump Schedules Meetings Based on ‘Whatever He Saw on Fox & Friends

John Kelly Reportedly Encouraged Republicans to Speak Out Against Trump After Putin Presser

Sarah Sanders: John Kelly Was Displeased About No ‘Full Breakfast’ At NATO Meeting

John Kelly’s WH Role Reportedly Diminishing Amid Bill Shine Hire: They’ve Stopped Telling Him About Meetings

Scott Pruitt Reportedly ‘Devastated’ He Had to Resign Under Pressure from White House

John Kelly Reportedly Has Quit Trying to Control Trump, Even if it Results in POTUS Being Impeached

Former CIA Head Compares Trump’s Border Separation Policy to Nazi Germany

Trump Reportedly Went Off Over Firing of WH Aide Who Made Nasty Comment About McCain

John Kelly Reportedly Told Senators He Feels ‘Horrible’: White House a ‘Miserable Place to Work’

John Kelly Reportedly Confirmed His Personal Email Account Was Hacked

Symone Sanders Invokes Slavery While Discussing Trump Illegal Immigration Policy That Separates Families

Chris Hayes Slams Trump Administration For Separating Immigrant Families: ‘Despicable’

The News Media is in a Time Warp on the Immigration Assimilation Debate

John Kelly’s Own Great Grandparents Apparently Wouldn’t Meet His Standards for Immigrants

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