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CNN’s Stelter: Coronavirus Response Is a ‘9/11-Level Failure of the Federal Government’

CNN’s Brian Stelter ripped President Donald Trump’s personal coronavirus response today and said the federal government’s response so far has been a “9/11-level failure.”

Stelter noted how Trump was praised for a shift in tone, but added, “Let’s take quick look at what else he said and did this week. As we consider his tone. He celebrated the TV ratings for his briefings. He bragged about his popularity on Facebook. He hyped up a drug despite concern about it from the government’s top doctors.”

“He’s getting lots of facts wrong. One day he said airplane and train travelers are being given strong tests for the virus before departure and after arrival. It’s not true. Maybe it should be true, but it’s not. He said that new small business loan program has been flawless. There have been actually many glitches and problems with the rollout. But he said I don’t hear of any glitch. This all makes me wonder if his aides are hiding that news from him,” Stelter continued.

He called out a number of additional Trump statements before blasting the federal government response to the coronavirus in general:

“There’s a whole lot of revisionist history being penned right now, a lot of digging of the memory hole. The pro-Trump media is trying to bury the Trump White House’s failures to fully protect and prepare the country from this pandemic. In the immortal words of White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, ‘There’s no reason to go backwards and figure out tick-tocks of what happened when. We’ve got a crisis on our hands.’ Right. And the crisis is why we need to look backwards and learn from the mistakes and make sure they are never made again. Look at this Associated Press headline from just today. ‘U.S. ‘wasted’ months before preparing for viral pandemic.’ This was a 9/11-level failure of the federal government. It was. It needs to be talked about and covered and scrutinized that way.”

“Story number one, right now, is about the life-saving efforts underway,” he said. “Story number one is about the hospitals and all we can do to help. But I think story number two is about the government’s delays and dysfunction. Both months ago and also right now. That’s true on the local level. There’s a lot of states I want to know more about and what went wrong on the state level, but it’s true at the federal level. To ignore it or to cover it up or to memory-hole it does a disservice to the dead.”

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