CNN’s Stelter: Fox News’ Pro-Trump Hosts ‘Led Him to the Brink of Impeachment’ With Ukraine Commentary

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CNN’s Brian Stelter ripped Fox News’ opinion hosts by saying President Donald Trump is on the verge of impeachment thanks to the misinformation they keep feeding him on Ukraine.

Stelter used his Reliable Sources opening monologue to note that Trump is about to face the next stage of impeachment, saying the country arrived at its current situation because “his sources of information led him astray.” Stelter continued to attribute Trump’s actions to the “conspiratorial bent” of the president’s favorite Fox News personalities, and the “bogus information” they keep exchanging with Trump’s allies.

“This has been swirling around in Trump’s head all year long because it’s been peddled by people like Sean Hannity and John Solomon and Trump’s own lawyer Rudy Giuliani,” Stelter said. “Sometimes they took little bits of information that was true and then blew them up so much that the information became distorted and totally misleading and manipulated.”

Stelter went on to dissect a number of right-wing media talking points about Ukraine, focusing on how Hannity keeps advancing questionable claims that Ukraine interfered with the 2016 election on the same level as Russia. He also pointed to a number of indicators that Trump was prompted to act based on what he was watching on Fox News.

“It’s no wonder why Trump harbored a grudge against Ukraine. One of his best friends in the media was harping on it all the time,” Stelter said. “Trump’s infamous phone call when he says ‘do us a favor’ was informed or, rather, misinformed by years’ worth of anti-Ukraine commentary on his favorite shows, and months worth of anti-Biden bombast. But this pro-Trump media bubble did not help Trump. To the contrary, it led him to the brink of impeachment.”

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