SNL’s Weekend Update Plays Impeachment Bingo, and So Can You!

Trump: ‘I Think That the People Would Revolt’ If I Were Impeached

Angus King Says Impeachment Wouldn’t ‘Solve’ the ‘Problem’: People Would See it as ‘Revenge’ and a ‘Coup’

Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro: Congress Has to Be Able to Discuss Impeachment

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘Donald Trump Will Be, Must Be Impeached’

Ranking Dem on House Judiciary Tells Tapper No Plans for Impeaching Trump: ‘We’re Far From That’

Joe Biden Says He Hopes Democrats Don’t Impeach Trump if They Take Back the House

Clinton Prosecutor Ken Starr Warns ‘Impeachment is Hell’: ‘Country Should Not Be Taken Through’ It

Ex-CIA Chief Panetta: Dems Shouldn’t Push for Impeachment Right Away, Should Let Mueller ‘Complete His Work’

Rep. Adam Schiff Warns On Impeachment: Dems Shouldn’t Be Talking About and Embracing It

CNN’s Smerconish to Democratic Rep.: Isn’t It Premature to Be Talking About Impeachment?

Ex-CIA Chief Michael Hayden: Impeaching Trump Would Be a ‘Bad Idea’

Fox & Friends Ridicule CNN, MSNBC ‘Impeachment Obsession’ While Ignoring Fox News’ Exact Same Coverage

Trump: If I Got Impeached ‘The Market Would Crash’ and ‘Everybody Would Be Very Poor’

Ari Fleischer: If Trump Pardons Manafort, ‘I’d Consider Impeachment’

Former Trump Adviser Michael Caputo: President Got Closer to Impeachment This Week

House Republicans Cave One Day After Calling for Rosenstein Impeachment

GOP Reps. File Articles of Impeachment Against Rod Rosenstein

GOP State Lawmaker Calls For Trump to be Impeached: He ‘Is No Longer Our Leader’

Alan Dershowitz Goes on Fox News to Show Off His Disguise for New Book Defending Trump

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