CNN’s Stelter on Weinstein Scandal: America ‘Needs to Make It Easier For All Women to Speak Up’

During today’s broadcast of CNN’s Reliable Sources, senior media correspondent Brian Stelter addressed the bombshell story on Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s lengthy history of sexual misbehavior and clandestine settlements of lawsuits involving sexual harassment.

Recapping the details of the New York Times’ blockbuster on the movie industry heavyweight’s despicable behavior, Stelter asked a key question that was in the Times’ story. And provided the answer.

How could allegations repeating the same pattern — young women, a powerful male producer, even some of the same hotels — how could the allegations have accumulated for almost three decades?” Stelter noted. “The answer has to do with power. Bill Cosby had power. Roger Ailes had power. Bill O’Reilly had power. Donald Trump had power. And Harvey Weinstein had a lot of power to make and break careers, buy silence, and to bury stories that embarrassed him.”

After taking aim at celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom for providing the “he’s a dinosaur” excuse in defense of Weinstein’s actions — Bloom has since dropped out as an adviser to Weinstein — Stelter then brought up Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape as a point of comparison to the Weinstein scandal. He then highlighted the fact that there are numerous women who have accused Trump of harassment.

“This is about how all men of all political leadings treat women in 2017 — especially men in power,” the CNN host declared. “The story is also about the power and balance that remains at many media companies and at many other kinds of companies.”

He continued, “It’s a good sign these stories are finally coming to light. The Gretchen Carlsons and Ashley Judds and Rose McGowans deserve our respect. But America still needs to make it easier for all women to speak up and have equal pay, treatment, and positions of power and that won’t happen so long as it is only women fighting.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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