Reliable Sources

CNN’s Reliable Sources Mocks Fox News With ‘Coup! Coup!’ Montage

Stelter Grills Ex-NYT Editor Jill Abramson Over Plagiarism: ‘That’s Word for Word Stealing Other Peoples’ Work’

Buzzfeed Stands By ‘All Of’ Cohen Bombshell: ‘Our Reporting Will Be Borne Out’

Brian Stelter Calls Out BuzzFeed’s ‘Casual’ Request for Comment to Mueller: ‘That’s a Dereliction of Duty!’

Carl Bernstein: Mueller Draft Report Shows How Trump ‘Helped Putin Destabilize the United States’

CNN’s Brian Stelter: ‘There Was Not Enough Talk About Racial Resentment in 2016’

Joan Walsh Defends Cuomo Interview, Blasts Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Sheer Number And Capacity Of Shameless’ Lies

Watergate Journo Bernstein: ‘For The First Time In His Life’ Trump ‘Is Cornered’ Due to Mueller Probe

Brian Stelter Scorches Fox News For Ignoring Climate Report: They Spent More Time on Ocasio-Cortez’s Shoes

Brian Stelter Spars With Guest Over Calling Trump Racist: ‘You’re Going Pretty Far There’

Fox News Guest on ‘CNN Sucks’ Chants: They Act Like ‘They’ve Done Nothing Wrong to Deserve This’

Carl Bernstein: Trump is Preparing to Declare Midterms ‘Illegitimate’ if Democrats Win

Max Boot Condemns Right Wing Media for Using Caravan to Scare Viewers: Demagoguery, Racism and Nativism

CNN’s Reliable Sources on Hope Hicks and Bill Shine: The Fox ‘Revolving Door’ with Trump Admin ‘Very Real’

Brian Stelter Bashes ‘Right Wing Smear Machine’ For False Reports on Kavanaugh Accuser

April Ryan Slams Trump for Inciting Media Hatred: ‘I Blame the President for This’

Steve Bannon Tells CNN’s Darcy Govt Should Seize Private Business Data, Form New Bureaucracy

Baltimore Sun Columnist Wants Reverse Fact Checks on Trump: We Should Just Assume He’s Lying

Ex-Fox News Analyst Slams His Former Network as ‘Amoral’ Trump ‘Prostitutes’

Brian Stelter Knocks Rudy Giuliani For ‘Desperate, Kind of Sad’ Spin on Michael Cohen

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