CNN’s Stelter Questions Whether Unity Is Even Possible Right Now After Right-Wing Media Attacks on Biden’s First Days


CNN’s Brian Stelter said national reconciliation might be a forlorn hope after right-wing media outlets moved to blast Joe Biden’s presidency less than a week since it began.

On Reliable Sources, Stelter aired a portion of Biden’s inaugural address where the new president called on the country to “end this uncivil war.” Since Biden warned that sociopolitical tribalism is partially rooted in “those that don’t get their news from the same sources as you do,” Stelter took this to mean that Biden “seems to understand that right-wing radicalization is a real problem.”

“His reference to news sources is telling there,” Stelter said. “He insisted that politics doesn’t need to be a raging fire, but that fire is very profitable.”

From there, Stelter ran footage of pundits from Newsmax and Fox News, all of whom blasted Biden in their own way as a “radical” whose presidency is doomed to fail America. Sean Hannity at one point said, “The weak, the frail, the cognitively-struggling Biden is attempting to ram his party’s radical socialist agenda right down the country’s throats.”

“It’s violent and sexual and pathetic, all at the same time,” Stelter reacted. “That is a 24-7 narrative on multiple channels, every day, every hour.”

Stelter moved ahead with his prediction that these networks will use the next 4 years to rail against “the media” for any positive coverage on Biden. While the new president might be saying that politics doesn’t have to be this divisive, Stelter arrived at the conclusion that “unity is impossible.”

“The United States is living with this parallel universe,” Stelter said. “Unity is not feasible. It’s just not. But can the temperature be lowered just 2 or 3 degrees? Wouldn’t that help? Isn’t that possible?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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