Ohio Democrat Danny O’Connor on Whether He’ll Support Pelosi For House Speaker: ‘No I Won’t’

On Wednesday, Danny O’Connor explicitly stated that he would not support Nancy Pelosi in any bid for her to reclaim her position as Speaker of the House.

The Democratic congressional candidate for Ohio spoke to Morning Joe as the contest between him and Troy Balderson remains too close to call. As O’Connor spoke about how he made his appeal throughout the conservative-leaning congressional district, Joe Scarborough asked him to explain how to reach voters in rural areas who seem to trust President Trump more than Pelosi and her fellow Democrats.

This turned into a conversation about O’Conner’s aversion to the house minority leader, so Scarborough eventually asked him if he’d vote for her if she tried to reclaim her speakership. His answer: “No, I won’t.”

“We really need new leadership because what we’ve seen in Washington — and I think this was demonstrated last night – its that the same old politics aren’t working. The desire to fight things out in the partisan nature instead of being pragmatic and finding solutions isn’t getting the job done for working families. That’s why we’re having so much success here and convincing so many people to support our new version of leadership. People recognize that we need to have change in Washington. They recognize that I’m someone who wants to get the job done for their family.”

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