Dem Congressman: ‘Take a Deep Breath and Pray,’ Trump’s ‘Totally Out of Control’


Rep. John Garamendi (D-Calif.) responded to reports that President Donald Trump may be considering firing  Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats by saying that that president is “out of control.”

Garamendi’s remarks came in response to a question by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asking the Congressman’s “concerns” if Trump decided to fire Coats.

Garamendi started off by talking about the fact it is Presidents’ Day today.

“Let’s think about the presidents that we’re honoring today and how they carried this nation forward and then this man, Trump,”  Garamendi noted.  “It’s an OMG moment.”

He then stressed that,  in his view,  what is really going on is a president who is “totally out of control.”

“[Trump] doesn’t want to listen to this intelligence community at all. He’d rather listen to Putin,” Garamendi continued on. “It is an extraordinarily serious problem of national security when the president refuses to accept the information from the intelligence community.”

Then the Congressman said this: “We just have to hope and pray that nothing serious is going to take place. I don’t know. I just — take a deep breath and pray because this man is totally out of control and putting our nation in serious jeopardy and we haven’t even begun to talk about the Constitution.”

On Monday, Chris Ruddy — the founder of Newsmax and close confidante of Trump — told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that after he saw Trump this weekend, he thinks Trump may be growing weary of Trump in the role and “maybe” there needs to be a “change of leadership” in the DNI role.


Watch above, via CNN.

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