Don Imus Says Fox And ‘Fiends’ Threw Hank Williams Jr. Under The Bus

On Fox Business this morning, Don Imus criticized the backlash over Hank Williams Jr’s controversial comments. “Hank’s getting a bum rap on this. The folks at Fox and Fiends didn’t help him by throwing him right under the bus!”

Imus, who is not a stranger to drawing scrutiny over provocative statements, said Williams was a friend of his and admitted the country singer was “off the hook and insane” but disagreed with the prevailing media narrative that Williams compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. “What he said was that the president playing golf with John Boehner would be like Adolf Hitler playing golf with Benjamin Netanyahu! That’s 180 degrees from suggesting that the president has any characteristics, god forbid, of Adolf Hitler, which of course is insane. Hank’s getting a bum rap.”

Later in the program, Imus revisited his past comments that kicked him off the air in 2007. “I’ve been down that road and if you say something you shouldn’t say and in my case, what I said was wholly inappropriate, but what happened to me — what I happen to agree with, by the way — you have to expect the media will do that, that’s their job. It’s like with Herman Cain, Herman Cain did not say all black people had been brainwashed, but that’s the way it was reported. So, Hank’s getting screwed on this one, but i’m not surprised. ESPN sucks.”

Watch the segment below, via Fox Business:

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