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CNN’s Dr. Gupta Debunks Anti-Vaxx Ramblings of Bill Shine’s Wife: People With Measles Risk Death

CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta joined New Day on Thursday to give a second opinion on the latest round of…questionable statements from Darla Shine.

In the past, Mediaite has extensively covered the bizarre social media postings from the wife of White House communications director and former Fox News co-president, Bill Shine. Mrs. Shine struck again this week, going on an anti-vaccine rant on Twitter while claiming that contracting measles can be a good thing.

As John Berman listed the reasons why measles is a serious disease, Gupta noted that the disease was effectively eradicated years ago, and he pointed to statistical evidence for the health benefits of vaccinations. Gupta also explained that Mrs. Shine was misconstruing an old CNN story about a genetically-engineered version of measles that targets cancerous tumors.

“This is a totally preventable disease,” Gupta said. “There are so many diseases out there we are trying to grapple with. This one we put in the win column, eliminated in 2000. Anybody who gets the measles now, really, most anybody doesn’t need to get it, doesn’t need to put themselves at the risk of death and illness.”

Brian Stelter was on the panel as well, and he said Mrs. Shine’s tweets are a case study of how the internet can “radicalize people” into believing outlandish and false views.

Watch above, via CNN.

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