Dwayne Johnson: I Am ‘Absolutely’ Considering Running For President


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stopped by The Late Show and addressed the demand from his fans that he runs for president.

Stephen Colbert began by complimenting the pro-wrestler-turned-actor, telling him he “seems like a winner” and that he “exudes great confidence.”

“Do you actually take that possibility seriously?” Colbert asked.

“I absolutely do, yes,” Johnson responded.

The Skyscraper star explained that it began with an article from The Washington Post that concluded that if he were to run for president, he “could have a legitimate shot at winning” and that the story “picked up steam.”

“So when that started picking up, of course when I’m asked- yes, I have incredible respect for our American people and our country, so I said ‘Yes, I would consider it,'” Johnson continued. “But at the same time, Stephen, I mean look, I’m not delusional at all. Like I feel like I, you know what it is? I need that thing… oh, experience.”

“So if that were to happen in a 2024, 2028, I would have to go to work and get some experience, you know, and understand policy,” he added.

Colbert then invoked a 2011 tweet Johnson made an hour before President Barack Obama announced to the world declaring that Osama bin Laden was killed in which he said the following:

Johnson was very coy regarding what exactly prompted that tweet, but Colbert speculated that former Vice President Joe Biden spilled the beans.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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