Eddie Huang to Maher: Hollywood Wants to Tell ‘White Stories with Yellow Faces’

Eddie Huang, the creator of the new hit ABC show Fresh Off the Boat, talked at some length with Bill Maher tonight about what frustrates him about Hollywood and the way shows like his are made and tested. The ABC show was based off Huang’s own memoir, but he has not been shy about publicly slamming it and even said, “I don’t think it is helping us to perpetuate an artificial representation of Asian American lives and we should address it.”

And address it he did, as Huang told Maher his emotional state doesn’t hang on the success of the show, and admitted he doesn’t want Asian-Americans to “feel pressured to like this show.”

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Huang said that in cases like this in Hollywood, “They want to tell universal white stories with yellow faces, black faces, brown faces, but they tell the same universal story.”

He marveled at how meticulous and lab-like the process of writing a network sitcom is, and told Maher it’s a “strange way to make artwork” when you constantly have people deciding what works and what doesn’t.

Watch the video below, via HBO:

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