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Ex-RT Reporter Slams Network: You Can End Up ‘Swallowing Yourself in Conspiracy Theories’

Sara Firth, who this week became the second RT reporter to publicly resign from the Kremlin-funded company in protest, told Reliable Sources’ Brian Stelter that while RT had done and continues to do quality reporting, too much of the agency was run according to Moscow’s agenda, something that would lead to more staff departures.

“When I spoke to my manager to resign I said please look at this and ask yourself how many more people will go before you start looking at the fact that there is something obviously very wrong with this system,” said Firth, a London-based correspondent. “It’s not something new. RT knows that there is a big problem there. Unfortunately up until this point they don’t seem willing to change.”

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Firth said that her frustration had been growing for a while, and that she had almost quit after being taken off the ground in Syria. The network’s MH17 coverage, which tried to cast blame for the downed plane upon the Ukrainian government, was her last straw. She said RT’s statement about her departure, which snarked that she and RT must have different versions of the truth, encapsulated all that was wrong with the agency.

“It kind of sums up the problem I had all the way through RT,” she said. “I don’t think there are different versions of truth…I think at RT you can end up sort of swallowing yourself in these conspiracy theories. There’s been major criticism towards the channel. the first reaction should not be to point the finger back at everybody else. Take responsibility for what’s going wrong.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

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