FLASHBACK: Watch Matt Lauer Star in a Cringeworthy Skit as a Sexual Harassment Victim


NBC’s Matt Lauer was fired today after allegations surfaced that he sexually assaulted a staffer while covering the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Lauer’s colleagues have discussed the termination, with Savanah Guthrie saying she was “heartbroken” and Megyn Kelly noting that the news “hit close to home.”

Lauer, however, has remained silent on the matter, and has yet to release a statement.

While we wait for specifics regarding the allegations levied against the former TODAY host, we can watch this cringeworthy “skit” from 2010, which features Lauer pretending to be a victim of sexual harassment.

Here’s the premise. Surveillance cameras catch Willie Geist smacking Lauer on the butt and then, well, that’s pretty much it. The joke is that it’s hilarious when men sexually harass other men, or something? Who the heck knows. It’s not really that funny.

Anyways, there is a part in which Lauer is interviewed and asked if he felt “victimized.” Here is his response, which deserves him a place in the pantheon of all-time comedy greats.

“I’m upset for a couple of reasons. One that he denied it. I mean why deny it? If you do it, own up to it. And secondly since it happened, he hasn’t called, he hasn’t written,” he said.

Lauer also mocked the much-debunked notion that women invite sexual harassment due to their standard of dress, saying “I didn’t do anything differently. I wasn’t wearing a different cologne. It just–it just– this was uninitiated.”

After the bit, believe it or not, they pulled to guest Dustin Hoffman, who has recently faced his own issues with sexual harassment. His response?

“I’m a little confused. Did Willie touch him with his willie?” Hoffman joked, as everyone laughed.

This isn’t even the only retro video of Lauer making similar jokes, and in light of recent events, it’s pretty creepy.

Once, TODAY did a skit that featured Lauer taking his pants off and exposing himself to female colleagues. Cool beans!

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